Missions We Support

Keith & Kathy Ham

Keith and Kathy Ham have served in Kenya for over 20 years.  They are currently serving in the Mathare slums of Nairobi, Kenya with Missions of Hope.  The program provides child sponsorship, education, micro-finance, health evangelism, church planting, and other important services.

Katie & Silas Moe

Silas and Katie are passionate about the transformative power of God’s Word in people’s lives. Silas is serving as a Translation Specialist, while Katie is working in Scripture impact and teaching missionary children. They are living internationally among a Bibleless people group, working alongside other teammates to provide enduring access to God’s Word.

Matt & Jan King

RVA is a Christian boarding school in central Kenya with over a hundred years of rich history. Matt & Jan serve about 500 missionary children representing 30 nationalities and 80 mission organizations and churches. They also accommodate a small number of Kenyan national students and expatriate, non-mission students.
 As a branch of Africa Inland Mission, they exist to see Christ-centered churches established and thriving among all of Africa’s peoples.

Free Burma Rangers

The Free Burma Rangers formed in 1997 and are comprised of people from different ethnic groups within Burma providing direct relief to communities most affected by the results of the government’s oppression. These teams are trained to provide medical care and counseling, while documenting and reporting human rights violations.

Madoya Community

Madoya is a section of the Mathare slums in Nairobi, Kenya. We have teamed with two other US churches to help provide an education, food, bible studies, health education, clean water, and various other projects to the people of this community.

The Hugs Center

The mission of the Hugs Center in Kathmandu, Nepal  is to help rescue and restore children and women at risk in Nepal.

Baker City MOPS

MOPS is an international, non-denominational Christian-based group offering support for mothers of young children. They encourage all Moms to attend: expectant, single, working, stay-at-home, teen, any type of mother you may be! MOPS is about celebrating motherhood by meeting moms’ needs, making connections with other moms, and experiencing God’s love through relationships and resources.

Paul & Mariah Nix

Paul & Mariah have been with the Los Angeles Innerchange team since 2011.  The team's focus is to "holistically develop people as leaders and reproducing disciples of Jesus."  Paul does this primarily through a youth ministry called the "ICLA Music Collectibe."  Mariah contributes by leading women's spiritual retreats as well as helping Corrina lead her friends in a weekly 4th grade Bible study.

Boise Bible College

The mission of Boise Bible College is to raise up leadership for the Lord's church by:
-Preparing students for full time ministry.
-Preparing students to serve as church leaders.
-Providing students with spiritual enrichment.

Northeast Oregon
Compassion Center

Since 2000 the Compassion Center has been serving people in the Baker City community and surrounding areas who have a need – physical, emotional, relational or spiritual – regardless of their race, religion, or ability to pay.

Rachel Pregnancy

Helping women and men in an unplanned pregnancy.
Rachel Pregnancy Center offers
·Pregnancy tests and counseling
·Abortion alternative counseling
·Post-abortion support
·Adoption referrals
·Parenting, prenatal and infant care information
·Maternity and children's items
·Other support services.

Grace Ministries

Grace Ministries Foundation Thailand (GMFT) provides a safe, nurturing home for children and young adults from deprived backgrounds. We are also able to offer full education scholarships to all our children, decreasing their high risk of labor and/or sexual exploitation. In a loving family setting, we give our children the training and equipping they need to participate fully in God's perfect plans for them.